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OccluSense - Introduction 🇬🇧 (English)

Using the OccluSense by Dentist Mina Niknazemi, BSc

  • 1시
  • Online-Meeting

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In this free online presentation, held by dentist Mina Niknazemi, BSc, you will learn how to integrate the OccluSense system into your everyday practice: What is OccluSense? A brief overview of the product. Why do I need OccluSense? Recap of static and dynamic occlusion. Benefits and indications of using the OccluSense. How to interpret the data? How to evaluate the readings and meanings of columns and colors. How to transfer this data into a diagnosis and possible treatment options. Clinical cases? A couple of clinical cases to give an overview of the entire process of OccluSense by the dental examining chair. How does OccluSense work? What do I need to get started and how to use the handheld.

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